Kichu Resort is a chain of resorts, built in 1992 by Col. Ongdi, a retired officer of the Royal Bhutan Army, who is among the first entrepreneur to  promote Bhutan globally. 

Meeting & Event 

Upcoming Festivals 
  1. THURSDAY: 2th MARH, 2017
    Punakha Tsechu
    Punakha Tshechu, as all Tshechu festivals, honors Padmasambhawa, also known as Guru Rimpoche, the precious yogi and saint who is credited with having introduced Tantric Buddhism throughout the Himalayas.
  2. SATURDAY: 1st JULY, 2017
    Nimalung Tsechu
    Bumthang Nimalung Tsechu is the good opportunity to glimpse the unique Tsechu being held in the rural village of Bhutan (Nimalung village). People from all over the villages come here to witness the festival dressing in their finest clothes.
  3. FRIDAY: 7th APRIL, 2017
    Paro Tsechu
    The Paro Tsechu Festival is a Buddhist dance festival and one of the major annual events of Bhutan. The festival holds religious significance and is held to commemorate Guru Rinpoche, who brought tantric Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Buddhism, in Bhutan.
  4. SATURDAY: 30th SEPTEMBER, 2017
    Thimphu Tsechu
    One of the biggest festivals in the country is the Thimphu Tshechu. This festival is held in the capital city for three days beginning on 10th day of the 8th month of lunar calendar. This Tshechu is witnessed by thousands of people many of which travel from neighboring districts.